SUNLIT TECH OTD-40T Wired 2 Pir and Microwave Motion Detector for Outdoor Protection (White) Review

SUNLIT TECH OTD-40T Wired 2 Pir and Microwave Motion Detector for Outdoor Protection (White)

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General Introduction

This is a fashionable three-tech motion detector for outdoor protection. It has two PIR plus microwave detection module as well as ASIC micro processing to keep more accurate and comprehensive detection on intrusion objects. It has the advanced “AND” and “OR” two modes so that the user can setup high/low detection sensitivity targeted for different environment. Besides, it also be with “EI” Mode to avoid the damge of dropes spraying on the lens. The client can flexible choose the best way of detecting as actual requirements and realize the lowest rate of flase alarm or failure alarm. The detector is tamper protected and anti-maksing, it can be used both indoor and outdoor.

What is “AND”/”OR”/ “EI” mode

The modes “AND” and “OR” are opposite to each other. Under “AND” mode, the detector can not send alarms unless all the sensor (two PIR+Microwave radar) receive the intrusion signal at the same time, whereas under “OR” mode, any intrusion signal will activate the detector. The front is suitable for the protection in a unstable environment, where the PIR sensor or microwave randar are easily interfered by unwanted factors; The latter is suitable for the protection in high stable environment, where the detector is highly sensitive to intrusion signals. As for “EI” mode, it’s developed based on “AND” mode. Under “AND” mode, if somebody daube paint or oil drop on the lens, it will badly affect the detector that its PIR sensor can’t detect intrusion signal, as a result, failure alarm emerged. But when setting “EI” mode, it will prevent this matter and keep the detector normally alarm.

What should we noticed when install this detector?

a. PIR Motion Detector should not be installed near the Air conditioner places where with cold wind or hot wind flow, because PIR motion detector is sensitive with the temperature changes of environment. Environment changes quickly will cause false alarm. b. PIR should not be installed facing the glass window, facing glass window will interfered by the outside sunlight and moving objects (people or vehicle). The infrared energy can penetrate the glass window. c. PIR should not be installed facing the moving objects or background changing objects, movement object will cause airflow change, it may cause false alarm. d. Between the detection range of PIR Motion detector, there is should be less objects. Many objects may reduce the sensitive of detection range. e. Do not install more than one (2 or above) Wireless PIR in the same detection space (like at the same room). f. After installed the PIR motion detector, installer should walk S steps in the detection range for checking the PIR Motion detector.

  • Power supply:9-16V DC
  • Current:30mA
  • Installation height:1.5m- 2.4m
  • Detection mode:”AND”/ “OR”/ “EI”
  • Coverage:12x12m, 110°
  • MW frequency:10.525GHz
  • Anti RFI/EMI:0.1-500MHz/3V
  • Anti-white light:>1000Lux
  • Alarm output:100mA/24V
  • Mask output:100mA/24V
  • Pet immunity:≤25KG
  • Temperature:-20℃ to + 55℃
  • Humidity (RH):95%
  • Dimensions (H*W*D):160mm x 65mm x 50.5mm

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